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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

There are many areas that we can be involved and help out, our top ones include.


As a technology company, we appreciate the value that education creates, and we think it should be widely available to all. We have reaped the benefits of the knowledge economy. That is why we appreciate the value of a good education. To learn, share and build knowledge, we have worked with universities, federations and educational institutions to provide awards, internship opportunities and scholarships for outstanding students in the field of Chemistry and other Studies..

Community Welfare

We also hope to help the most vulnerable people in our society. We support fund raising events that benefit community centres, senior citizens’ homes, childcare and in-patient care organisations. We have laid strong foundations and are well positioned for deeper and even more meaningful engagement to improve the well-being of our community.


Growing from a start-up to where we are today, we seek to encourage and inspire. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are keenly supportive of suitable programmes in which our team takes time out from their busy schedules to share the insights we have gained on our road to entrepreneurial success.

Further key areas and their key performance indicators we have and can work on include.

Community investment

Policies on community engagement to understand the community’s needs in where it operates and ensuring its activities takes into consideration of communities’ interests interests are further key areas we can look into. Some of our key indicators can be:

  • Focus areas of contribution (eg. Education, environmental concerns, labor needs, health, culture, sport)
  • Resources contributed (eg, money and/or time) to the focus area.