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Pakistan Textile Journal | Megapro™ – Cool Dyeing Tech from Singapore
Feb. 1, 2016

Pakistan Textile Journal

Matex International Limited is a specialist in clean colour science technologies. Megapro™ success typifies their growing commitment towards sustainability in the global textile industries. Matex is represented in Pakistan by Nazer & Co.,

A comprehensive range of low temperature reactive dyes “Megafix® RE” and alkaline stable disperse dyes “Megaperse® CF” suitable for cotton and polyester cotton blends, allows cool dyeing at just 40°C for the cotton part and shortens the overall polyester cotton dyeing process. Thereby helping eco-conscious mill owners to save water, time, energy and ultimately process cost by upto 30% or more. This illustrates how Matex is eyeing the growing market for sustainable textile dyeing and finishing technology. A concerted effort to integrate economical, environmental and social concerns with a long term view to create balanced and sustainable operations.

The latest development from the group, entails bi-functional reactive dyes. Since its inception in 1989 and being the pioneer in the Chinese market, its new Megapro™ RE & CF systems, are being marketed with a range of complimentary auxiliaries.

The benefits of Megapro™ systems include reduced use of energy in the dyeing process, deep and high fastness shades, excellent levelling properties, reduced dyeing time, reduced recipe dosage, and reduced waste. These benefits consequently reduce overhead costs and increase quality and productivity.

To save resources, polyester/cotton blends can be pre-treated and dyed in a single combination bath process with bleaching, scouring and dyeing. Better and brighter tones are said to be possible due to the polyester fibers being dyed in an alkaline medium and a more efficient process for the removal of oligomers is said to reduce the need to clean the dyebath and dye machines, The handle of the fabrics is also smoother and with brighter appearance.

Overall, Matex has a capacity of around 30,000 tonnes per annum of reactive dyes, which it estimates equates to around slightly under 10% of global reactive dyes consumption. It has three manufacturing plants in China – its main market – but it operates widely across the world with Singapore as its global base. The company sees that areas outside China are experiencing rejuvenated growth due to the refocus of brands and growing domestic markets, with China manufacturing cost continuing to escalate.

Dyers want to constantly improve and hence are very receptive to the idea of dyeing fabrics and garments at cooler temperatures and shorter processes. Retailers are already asking for the quicker turnaround of smaller batches and see a significant shift towards lower temperature dyeing of garments.

In addition, the company is seeing growing development of cold pad batch systems in Asia. With our continuous Megafix® M-C range of reactive dyes, the company is working closely with mills producing for home textiles giants on CPB and other continuous processes and especially for super strength high fastness blacks. The company has seen a healthy growing interest from mills producing for the highest quality global brands in more than 50 countries.


Megapro™ and Megafix® reactive dye is a testimonial of their ability to constantly develop unique, innovation products, technologies and services through continuous research and development. According to Matex, “We strive to add value to our customers’ products, for higher quality, better enhance performance, price competitive and eco-friendliness to achieve long term “win win” strategic partnerships.”


Source: Pakistan Textile Journal