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Megapro® @ GTEX Exhibition Karachi, Pakistan
Apr. 20, 2016

 Megapro® RE System to save both energy and water

 TEXtalks: What products are you promoting at Gtex?

 Matex is focusing on the Megapro® RE System for Gtex. This focus promotes the needs in the Pakistani market. In this exhibition, we are emphasizing the importance of ECO-Friendly Cold Dyes Process at 40C. The Megapro® RE System dyes help to save both energy and water and it will eventually become the attraction of the Pakistan Textiles Industry. In the Megapro® RE System which consists of a full process system from dyestuff & auxiliaries selection in 40C dyeing. This makes the difference from conventional dyeing. This will be the next wave of dyeing transformation!

 TEXtalks: Some latest innovations from your company?

 Matex latest innovation would be the Megapro® RE System for the cotton dyeing process which helps in saving energy, electricity and water aspects. Further we have also developed the Megapro® CF system for the disperse dye which is able to dye at the both Alkaline & Acidic medium, it helps to save on the total no. of bath and time.

 TEXtalks: How do you see Pakistani market for your products?

Pakistan is a very big market especially Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. We see it as a huge market for us and there are a lot of business opportunities especially for our Megapro® System in both reactive and disperse dyeing.

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