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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Matex is committed to uphold good corporate governance practices and to comply with the issued Principles of the Singapore Corporate Governance Code 2012 (“the Code”). Good corporate governance establishes and maintains an all rounded and importantly ethical environment, which strives to enhance the interests of all stakeholders. The Company adopts corporate governance processes that are inline with the principles of the Code.

For Matex it continues to remind the group it should be headed by an effective Board that stays relevant to lead and control the company. The Board is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company. The Board works with Management to achieve this objective and Management remains accountable to the Board. Where applicable, the Board has established various self-regulatory and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that effective corporate governance is practised.

The Code on Corporate Governance also aids in providing clear principles and guidelines to spur the company towards and to always maintain a high standard of excellence for corporate governance. To ensure that these standards are achieved and sustained in practice, active and constructive investor relations is valued and important to the company. This helps develop a common objective of a sustainable and financially sound enterprise that can offer long term value to stakeholders.